Big Valley Staff

Dr Cable

Dr. Cable has been the owner of Big Valley Pet Resort from the begining. He is a pet lover and a farmer.


Andrea has worked at Big Valley since 2007. She is the office manager and puppy snuggler up front.


Roz has worked for Big Valley since 2007. She enjoys all aspects of her job, but mostly cuddeling cute babies.


Alicia is our newest groomer. She has been with us since July 2021. She does great work and the dogs love her.


Nikki has been a groomer for 12 years in Washington and Colorado. She specializes in misunderstood pets.


Kelsey has groomed for Big Valley since 2006. She is now full time with us and all of her furry clients love her.


Rudy started out doing maintenance on the property but couldn't resist playing out in the yard with the cute dogs.


Peyton loves to play with our furry guests. He has been with Big Valley since June 2021.


Felicia has been with Big Valley since July 2020. She has a very calming presence for our unsure kiddos.


Duncan has worked for Big Valley Febuary 2016. Duncan can do almost anything from Carpentry to Landscaping