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Big Valley Pet Resort has a full-service professional grooming facility open 7 days a week.

Clark (Kelsey) has been grooming for more than 10 years, and works at Big Valley Pet Resort part time. When she's not grooming here, Kelsey has a full-time position as an emergency veterinary technician. She fosters puppies and dogs for the Kitsap Humane Society, loves camping and music. 


Nikki loves all animals, and grooming dogs! With twelve years of experience, she has groomed in Washington and Colorado and have found that she really loves what she does. She loves to connect with misunderstood, and fear based dogs, and help ease the grooming process. She loves to teach puppies, and learn new tricks too.

 Faith is our weekend grooming assistant. She has been working with Nikki for almost a         year and her skills are bathing, brushing, toe nail trims and light trimming. Soon she will       be a full groomer at this pace.


 Rudy is our weekday grooming assistant. He has been learning a lot from Clark. He is a           master at bathing and nail trims and is eager to learn the tricks of the trade.

Our groom room has brand-new equipment for pets of all sizes. We use all natural products selected for their efficacy and formulated for health and safety. Please ask about hypoallergenic, moisturizing or other specialty products when you book your pet's next groom!

We offer all types of grooming from basic bath and brush outs to full cuts and clips. Breed standard or a clip to your specification, we can do it all!

Our basic bath and brush out prices include nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning as needed, and trimming paw pads on furry breeds. In addition to dogs , we also offer nail trims for other tolerant species, including reptiles, rabbits, and rodents.

If you have any questions about what services are available for your pet, give us a call any day of the week!

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